Small Business Programme

Small Business Programme

South Africa is currently faced with multiple challenges and one of them is unemployment which has a huge negative impact on the youth. Reality is that young people either university graduates or high school graduates they are faced by unemployment. To overcome this challenge it would call for an integrated approach or model to be developed and become a national priority.  PACSA’s work around unemployment is to provide space and support to young people who are leading their own struggle through creating possible alternative economic opportunities to try overcome unemployment in establishing their own small businesses.

Youth Business Expos: Small Business Expos are organized to inspire interest in entrepreneurship in young people. Once young people are exposed to various industries they analyze the varying industry dynamics, understand key players, barriers to entry, market preferences, customer range, etc.

Entrepreneurship Cross visits: After training young people with business ideas visit other existing businesses locally and to learn more about alternative economy.

Training on business set up and management: The cross visits and work with mentors will broaden the minds of participants on type of lucrative businesses.

Mentorship: Once young people are confident about the business they want to open they are paired with a relevant for guidance and transfer of relevant business skills.

Marketing activities by youth in business: All entrepreneurs need support in marketing their businesses. It is easier to market a well planned and structured business that caters for the preferences of its customers.  Youth with businesses are involved in market research, get to understand the preferences of customers on the service they want to supply.  This gives new businesses a competitive advantage to win over more customer as they service the needs and interest of the market.

Learning and reflection: to measure if there is growth and learning for the new and existing youth in the small business program, quarterly reflection sessions will be held together with PACSA Process Facilitators.

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