Peer education Programme

Empowerment programme

With the high youth unemployment levels within the country and most specially within the uMgungundlovu District, the  Community Empowerment Programme targets mostly out-of-school unemployed young people and youth in school to gain crucial soft skills necessary to find employment or achieve career goals.  This programme provides necessary opportunities, links and networks for young people to pursue.  It operates as an advice center where young people can get guidance, advice and access to resources, especially internet for easy access. 

PACSA provides empowerment through the following two programmes:

-Peer Education Programmes

-Youth Advice Center and Social Hub

-Awareness and Social Conscientious Programme

Peer Education Programme

This programme is implemented by out-of-school young people who receive training as Peer Educators.  They visit schools during Life Orientation periods to provide Youth Leadership Trainng and Life Skills Awareness.  The Life skills awareness programme covers issues of HVI/AIDS prevention, Gender Based Violence, Sexual Reproductive Health, Teenage Pregnancies, Career Development, etc.

Youth Advice Centre and Social Hub

Provides access for young people to employment and study opportunities. Youth receive work readiness assistance, Youth Leadership Training

-Identify career plans and nurture career paths

-Training sessions on soft skills, i.e. professionalism, decision-making, financial management, stress management, self-discipline

-CV writing and cover letters sessions

-Basic computer skills

-Links to recruitment agencies

-Assistance in preparations for interviews

-Skills based trainings (facilitation skills, lobbying, etc.)

-Assistance in applying for Tertiary education

-Applying for funding e.g. NSFAS

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