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PACSA Membership Form

PACSA’s membership is open to:

  • Anyone who is committed to social justice and development and identifies with PACSA’s vision and mission.
  • Those who committed to social justice and would like to be part of a forum of like-minded people, learn from them and share insights, as well as becoming more involved in social justice advocacy activities in and around Pietermaritzburg.
  • While many of our members are Christians and we do grapple with the faith dimensions of PACSA’s work and social issues, being a person of faith is not a requirement of membership.

PACSA VISION: PACSA envisions and works towards a just society where all people are free, able to realize their potential and actively participate in their own development.

PACSA VALUES: PACSA operates out of Christian and human rights values, which are foundational to our work:

  • Justice;
  • Equity;
  • Human dignity;
  • Shared consciousness and collaborate action;
  • Relationships of trust;
Our mandate is derived from the weakest, most vulnerable in society – which is also where we locate our work;

Thus, PACSA identifies itself as a social justice and development organization in which our work and our practice seek to enhance human dignity.

PACSA is a registered NPO, and the activities of PACSA shall be for the benefit of or widely accessible to the general public at large.

 Responsibilities of PACSA Members

  • PACSA members participate in the governance of PACSA. This means they can and do influence its work and direction.
  • PACSA Members can nominate candidates for PACSA’s Council, vote at General Meetings, or sit on PACSA’s Council or its sub-committees. PACSA Council is its highest decision making body, guides its vision and policy framework, and supports the director’s leadership.

 Benefits of PACSA Members

PACSA is embarking on a new Membership Programme that will include the following benefits:

  • Members identify with and share in the social justice work of PACSA.
  • Members receive:
    • PACSA’s publications, including our monthly E-Newsletter; factsheets; research reports and annual reports.
    • Invitations to PACSA events including discussion forums
    • Invitations to PACSA’s Annual Film and Arts Festival

Invitations to join in the PACSA Agape fellowship meals

  • Opportunities to get involved in PACSA campaigns, if they wish.  


PACSA has waived the annual subscriptions which was a feature of PACSA membership in the past.

Bank: First National Bank, Boom Street, Pietermaritzburg

Branch, Code: 221325            

Account Name: PACSA

Account Number: 50933070927          

Account Type: Current

SWIFT Code (for international transfers): FIRNZAJJ

Section 18A Status and Tax Clearance Certificate (for tax rebates for donations): Yes

Tax Clearance No: 0093/2/2012/0002351722

Nqabakazi Mathe  (Director)

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