Gender and HIV Programme


For the past 10 years PACSA’s focus on HIV/AIDS was on prevention and awareness.  A number of programmes for young people and adults were implemented in partnership with Community Based Organizations to reach as many people and influence practices, behavior and attitudes around HIV/AIDS. 

  • Awareness Programmes: This was targeted mostly to young people in schools. Facilitated by Peer Educators during Life Orientation Periods.  The concept is if young people’s attitudes, behaviours and practices are influenced at young age they will make better informed choices and reduce the rate of infection.  Also those who are already infected they should be supported and their rights should be respected.  Such awareness ensures that both youth and communities can drive positive change and remove stigmatisation around HIV/AIDS.
  • Distribution of condoms: Our community partners (Self-organised groups) have more access and reach to community members. The distribution of condoms become more practical and spread at a faster rate when community partners are involved, or distributed during all our gatherings with communities.

HIV Care and Treatment

This is a highly overlooked service by NGOs and is left to health care centres to care and support People Living With HIV/AIDS (PLWHIV).  With the introduction of adherence club models by the TAC, PLWHIV have now better access to ARTs and care without standing in clinics for hours.

The most vulnerable groups are the most targeted for this programme, which is Female Sex Workers, People Injecting Drugs, Clients of Sex Workers, Families of PLWHIV, Caregivers of PLWHIV

Support Groups

This is psycho-social support groups which sit bi-monthly to reflect, support and get guidance and advice of challenges they face around living or caring for PLWHIV.

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