Community Activism Programme

Community Activism Programme

PACSA, on the basis of its experience and theory of change, acts on the presumption that inequality and poverty is reduced as marginalised people organise, build their own movements and take action to achieve their development and social justice goals. Its mission is therefore to support the building of power of people who suffer the brunt of inequality as they self-organise, on the basis of equity, justice and dignity for themselves and others, exercise agency and voice, and identify and implement their own strategies for the development and social justice they desire

Affordability of Basic Services

Support community advocacy and activism activities to access basic services. Building the power of communities to engage government on costly and unaffordable municipal and government services.  Promote participatory/ direct democracy, for poor and marginalized groups.

 This group meets monthly to plan, reflect and implement their goals.  They engage, advocate, march and arrange campaigns for affordable services.

Fees Must Fall Students challenges

Students from various universities mobilized to discuss their finance challenges.  Started in October 2018, they are engaging leadership and sharing information on funding opportunities

Farm, Domestic and Sex Workers

UMgundundlovu providing support to low-income workers working under extremely abusive conditions and unfair labour practices.

Support provided by PACSA

– Growing their understanding of the root causes of problems and growing their visioning of an alternative.

– Reflecting a growing understanding of community/struggle terrain, identifying allies, supportive factors and factors constrain, hinder, block what they hope to achieve?

– Developing a plan of action informed by strategy and tactics that are consistently reflected on.

– Convening reflective processes to enable identification of and to build on the gains, victories, progress, challenges and address weaknesses.

– Developing resilient forms of organization that are democratic, transparent, participate with growing women’s, youth participation and leadership,  and increased institutional capacity

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