No Longer Accepting Apology for Blunt Injustices

No Longer Accepting Apology for Blunt Injustices

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                                                                                                14 September 2020

 No Longer Accepting Apology for Blunt Injustices

Racist tropes should not be tolerated.  Businesses should be held to account and narratives in media should be co-created with the audiences who consume them…(marketers).. should have an acute awareness of the responsibility of the narratives they create ….The response to the recent Clicks advert has escalated from complaint to political activism, which is not the first nor will it be the last time we witness an obtuse brand being brought to task because the advert is the symptom of a systemic lack of representation and inclusivity in advertising industries” (Parusha Partab is a Digital Strategy And Marketing Consultant).

Apartheid was such a fundamental injustice that it had to be fought, left us with a sour taste in our mouths, open scars, tears, pains, and so on…   The practice of healing from what the apartheid regime has done,  whilst we are striving for socioeconomic issues against big corporations, we found ourselves in the midst of fighting racial issues. Peter Ketchhoff PACSA founder once said “since love and justice are inseparable, we believe we have to strive for justice in order to obey Christ commandments, we gave to think about justice if we want to think about reconciliation.

The Clicks advert, identified as a mistake, still reveals to us that in South Africa racism is still alive and fortified by media and marketing industries (our heroes and heroine are turning on their graves). PACSA committed it selves that would never shy away if there is any act of injustices that strips people’s power and dignity.  The birth- pains of our new South Africa are horrific. We furthermore face the unfished journey of injustices in our country.  The biggest corporations are now rubbing salt on the wound that we are still trying to recover from. It is our beliefs as PACSA to See, Judge, And Act. The Clicks hair advert is racist, plainly cruel, inhumane and demeaning to black women. It has lasting effects to future generations if not addressed now, where it exerts inferiority on one race and superiority to the other. Our history shows a number of incidents where black people have to constantly defend themselves to prove their worth and value to society.  PACSA was formed to fight such injustices.

It is time that the marketing industries, corporates and social media take responsibility on their role in deepening social inequalities, discrimination and stereotypes.  It is time corporates honour and embrace this country’s diversities instead of using them as weapons to degrade, demean and slander people based on their differences.                              

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