Book launch: Faith and Migration

Book launch: Faith and Migration

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Faith and Migration

PACSA’s Mervyn Abrahams was the guest speaker at the launch of the book Faith and Migration in Pietermaritzburg in December 2017. In the book, edited by Prof Philippe Denis, a Dominican brother and professor at the University of KwaZulu-Natal, 24 writers reflect on the spiritual and theological imperatives that should guide Christians and people of faith to recognize migrants as a sister or brother who collaborate towards improving their new home.While migration is not a new phenomenon, it is part of human history; the recent waves of migration must challenge us to reflect critically on the social, economic and political drivers of this global migration. This new wave of migration also raises numerous questions around the idea of globalization of finance and goods and services but not people; whether large-scale migration of the kind we saw over the past few years questions the viability of the nation-state to respond adequately to such mass movements of people; whether theology, as a discipline, is not better suited to provide policy options rather than the dominant narratives emerging from economics and politics which constantly paints the migrant as a ‘other’ which places a burden on local resources. For a media report on the launch see here

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