PACSA’s 37th Annual General Meeting

PACSA’s 37th Annual General Meeting

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On Saturday, 1st July 2017, we hosted our 37th Annual General Meeting, a milestone in the life of the organisation.  In her chairpersons report, Desiree Manicom, reflected on PACSA practice of process facilitation as an approach which seeks ” to build sustainable social processes ‘from below’ through enhancing the agency of the poor to both meet their material needs and to ensure that they have an impact on structures of power around them.It is an approach that entails acting as facilitators and supporters of the powerless so that they are able to identify their own needs and interests and gain the tools to shape the own empowerment to influence the policies that affect them. It is an approach that recognizes that NGOs can only act as catalysts in supporting the poor in bringing about social change and cannot lead this struggle.” See the 2016 Annual Report which provides highlights of our work.

2016 PACSA annual report


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