Workshop on Strategic Litigation and Right to Protest

Workshop on Strategic Litigation and Right to Protest

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In order to deepen our knowledge and competence to mainstream legal strategies in our social change work, David Cote, Strategic Litigation Programme Coordinator at Lawyers for Human Rights, facilitated a two-day workshop for PACSA staff on the Right to Protest and the use of strategic litigation to open ‘closed spaces’ and advance a social change agenda.The two-day workshop provided us with the space to imagine legal strategies for social change and actions that organisations such as PACSA could take to protect staff working in contexts where public protests are increasing.   For a number of years now we, in PACSA, have identified a shrinking of democratic space and the lessening of possibility of influencing the state through the normal processes of public engagement. In the light of these contextual shifts, PACSA, at our 2015 Annual Strategic Review identified the above as significant risks for those, like us, using social mobilization and popular advocacy as strategies to effect social change towards a society of greater equity and in which poverty is eradicated. The workshop with David Cote provided ways to mainstream legal strategies into our work and mitigates potential risks.

Legal workshop

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