Unlocking personal energy for social transformation

Unlocking personal energy for social transformation

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Participants at the Kwa Haza

The KwaZulu-Natal Stress and Trauma Network, a PACSA community partner, conducted two trauma awareness workshops in Kwa-Haza and Howick West. These workshops create safe spaces to identify trauma, provide emotional support through sharing stories and assist participants in reducing the impact of stress and trauma on their physical, emotional and mental well- being.Chronic stress and experiences of trauma also acts as stumbling blocks to development as it drains people’s energy for social transformation and focus their energy inwards. Given the high levels of violence, especially gender-based violence and crime, and stress associated with the financial crisis faced by poor households, due to low levels of income and rising costs of goods and services, many people suffer chronic stress and trauma. The work of the KZN Stress and Trauma Network is therefore critical in assisting participants towards well-being and simultaneously unlocking energy for social transformation. Participants of the two workshops expressed the view that the workshops allowed them to “unburden” and “walk away feeling lighter and they can now conquer life’s difficulties.”

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