PACSA hosts a film festival at the happy earth festival

PACSA hosts a film festival at the happy earth festival

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Young people who participated in the Film Festival

PACSA hosted a film festival as part of the Happy Earth Festival which takes place annually at the Pietermaritzburg Botanical Gardens. Now in its 4th year, the Happy Earth Festival focuses on environmental education from eco-systems to experiential learning and the value and complexity of nature. It is an Environmental Education platform for teachers, students and the interested public. About 1,300 people attended the 2 days festival.The film festival featured two films. The first being: “The Age of Stupid.” This film begins in the year 2055 in a world ravaged by catastrophic climate change: London is flooded, Sydney is burning and snow has vanished from the Alps. One lone survivor in this post-apocalyptic waste land reviews archive footage from back “when we could have saved ourselves”, trying to discern where it all went wrong.
The second film, “The High Cost of Cheap Gas” is an investigation, filmed in Botswana, South Africa, Alaska and North America. It reveals how fracking plants are quietly invading some of the most protected places on the planet – including Africa’s beloved national parks. It also delves into how plans to allow fracking South Africa’s Karoo will not only destroy the wildlife and water but the dignity of the human inhabitants.
The responses of those who watched the film were a deep saddening of the environmental atrocities that are happening. They felt disheartened because that they could not make a ‘big’ difference, but after much discussion they learnt that every individual can be an ‘environment protector’ by starting at home with small efforts such as takings shorter showers and reusing plastic bottles. Additionally, we noted that the children took away the understanding that: as future generations it is their task to continue to work towards the preservation of our natural resources and a healthy planet for all who inhabit it.

At the Festival

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