Picketing: Action demanding political accountability

Picketing: Action demanding political accountability

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Picket Joan

PACSA staff and members joined a group of concerned citizens who picketted on one of Pietermaritzburg’s main streets calling for greater political accountability on the part of President Zuma and the ANC in the light of the Constitutional Court ruling that the president and parliament had violated the constitution in the Nkandla saga.Some of the placards read:
• An apology by President Zuma is not enough – he must resign
• ANC and Zuma have violated the constitution for which many gave their lives
• Our democracy is under threat
• Corruption robs the poor – it is scandalous that millions are used on the house of the President while people go hungry in SA
• Elected ANC leaders have demonstrated that they do not care about the people’s well being
• By voting to protect Zuma the ANC has set their interests above those of the country
The objective for the picket was to show their concern at the manner in which President Zuma and the ANC is abusing their power but also to open space for ordinary citizens to give voice to their ideas and views on the current political situation. As could be expexcted some citizens appluaded and agreed with the picketers while other disagreed. In this respect the picket succeeded in getting a conversation started which will hopefully be expanded to include more people in the coming weeks as protest marches and other protest events are organised calling on Zuma to resign in the interest of SA and our democratic order.

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