Bidding farewell to Almut and Bernd Schulteiss

Bidding farewell to Almut and Bernd Schulteiss

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Almut and Bernd Schulteiss bid farewell after 8 years working in PACSA. They were seconded by AGEH-Germany and Misereor and were housed in PACSA. Almut focussed on managing diversity and multicultural education youth events at a national level and supported the emergence of an informal network of Youth Organisations in South Africa from 2011 onwards. This network has since been registered as and NPO under the name of the South African Youth Leaders Network (  Bernd worked closer with PACSA in our youth leadership development programme focussing in particular on career guidance with regard to young people starting their own micro/small business initiatives towards a sustainable livelihood or as income generator to finance further education. He also initiated an exchange programme with Herzogsägmühle in Munich, Germany, enabling mutual exchange among young people from South Africa and Germany in 2010 ( and 2014 ( a group of Herzogsägmühle senior staff team of pedagogues came to South Africa with focus on Life Skills Training with youth and young adults in 2013.
Reflecting on their experience in PACSA and in South Africa, Almut and Bernd write, “It was planned to work for PACSA and stay in South Africa for three years. Now I’m eight and half years down the line we leave PACSA and South Africa for good. From 3 to eventually almost 9 years already tells a story… It was never boring and all the time a demanding and satisfying work environment in and around PACSA with its community partners. It was a pleasure to life and work here in South Africa and at PACSA. Thank you! We learned a lot and are enriched. We take these experiences and memories with us.”
All of us in PACSA also thank Almut and Bernd for their generosioty of heart in dedicating 8 years of their lives with us. We will miss them.

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