PACSA’s 2015 Annual Strategic Review

PACSA’s 2015 Annual Strategic Review

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PACSA Staff and Council reviewing our work

In keeping with our organizational rhythm we had a three-day strategic review to ascertain where we find ourselves at the end of 2015 in terms of the social change objectives set out in our 2015-2017 Strategic Framework and where to build on in 2016. The major outcome of our review was that the strategic direction as encapsulated in our strategic goal and objectives remain valid and must continue into 2016.Our context is one of continuing narrowing of democratic space, deepening affordability crisis concerning the basics we need for a dignified life; pockets of activism exist and people hold their power but these need to be supported; the connections between political consciousness and the struggle for dignity needs to be articulated more clearly. In the light of this context we need to continue to bring the message that social change is possible by deepening our work on being deeply rooted in real struggles of those marginalized in our society; be on the streets building the power of the activists engaged in social justice struggles; continue to act with integrity, solidarity and honesty and be alert to changes in context. PACSA must remain a caring and compassionate organization and while we strive for greater professionalism we need to watch the danger of becoming technocratic.  See the attached contextual analysis which emerged from our strategic review here.

PACSA Staff and Council reviewing our work day2
PACSA Staff and Council reviewing our work day3

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