PACSA Monthly Food Price Barometer: OCTOBER 2015

PACSA Monthly Food Price Barometer: OCTOBER 2015

2015 PACSA Food price Barometer 2

Maize meal, potatoes and beef prices all up in October 2015. Over the past month the cost of the PACSA Food Basket increased by R21.39 or 1.3%, bringing the total cost of the basket to R1 638.36 for October 2015. The cost of the PACSA Minimum Nutritional Basket – a basic but nutritious basket of food for a family of five (3 adults and 2 children) rose by R79.41 or 3% from R2 633.93 to R2 713.34 per month.The drivers of food price inflation on the PACSA food baskets were maize meal, potatoes and beef. Between September 2015 and October 2015 the price of maize meal increased by R9.34 or 5.5% per 25kg bag from R170.80 to R180.14. Potatoes increased by R5.16 or 17% per 10kg pocket from R30.50 to R35.66.  Beef increased by R5.01 or 10.4% per kg from R48.32 to R53.33. In October 2015 both maize meal and beef experienced their highest prices over the 12 month period from November 2014 to October 2015, with a 25kg bag of maize meal costing R30.82 or 20.6% more than it did a year ago and 1kg of beef costing R3.85 more per kg (an increase of 7.8% per kg). See Figures 1-3 below (note that ‘green’ is the November 2014 price, ‘blue’ is the September 2015 price and ‘red’ is the October 2015 price).  Read more here

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