PACSA launches its 2015 Food Price Barometer

PACSA launches its 2015 Food Price Barometer

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Food price barometer

We launched our 2015 Food Price Barometer to the media on the 15th October to coincide with World Food Day. The Barometer highlights that households take on debt merely to put food on the table. The overall food price inflation on the PACSA food basket from November 2014 to September 2015 was 4.3%. A closer inspection of the inflation in the basket shows that the highest levels of inflation is on the core staples foods and the lower quality proteins. These are foods that households have to procure to access a level of energy and nutrition.

Mervyn Abrahams and Julie Smith with the Report

The 2015 Food Price Barometer further shows that households are underspending on food by 55.6%. The cost of a basic but minimum nutritional food basket for a household of 7 was R3 644.09 inSeptember 2015 while most households are spending around R1616.97 a month. For a household with an income of R3 200 (the maximum income level for 60% of Pietermaritzburg households) proper nutrition comes to 113.9% of household income. If a household spends R1616.97 a month on food it consumes 50.5% of a R3200 household income. This is a substantial part of the household income when considering all the other goods and services that households need. In order to resolve the disconnect between the low levels of income and attempts to ensure that families are fed households take on debt to put food on the table.

Read the media statement here

Julie Smith discussing the main recommendations of the barometer with the media

Download the Report: 2015 PACSA Food Price Barometer Annual Report October 2015 LOW RESOLUTION DOWNLOAD2015 PACSA Food Price Barometer Annual Report October 2015 HIGH RESOLUTION DOWNLOAD

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