2015 PACSA Food Price Barometer Media Statement

2015 PACSA Food price Barometer 2

To: All media
Date: 15 October 2015
Subject: 2015 PACSA Food Price Barometer, Annual Report
For: Immediate release
Households take on debt to put food on the table
The 2015 PACSA Food Price Barometer finds that low-income households cannot make it through the month on their incomes. They struggled to secure the goods and services needed to live at a level of basic dignity. Households prioritized the payment of transport, education, electricity, burial insurance and the repayment of debt before food. Food is prioritized last because it is one of the few expenses households can control. Because food is last in the line of expenditure, the food budget was low and households under-spent on food by 55.6%.  Read more here

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