Bread-Baking: control over our bread and a new income-generating stream for partners

Bread-Baking: control over our bread and a new income-generating stream for partners

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The first four loaves baked by Mrs Mkhize

A bread-making training took place in Trust Feed on the 6th October and attended by 12 members of the Hlakaniphani Group. Community partner groups who form the Food Justice Collective have been toying with different ideas of how they can increase household income whilst also supporting one another in their daily struggles and work towards defining their own food and agriculture systems. One of the ideas they have taken on is that of bread baking.A baking oven was procured and installed now the group have trained bakers. The first priority is to bake bread for the members of the group and thus ensure nutritious bread for their households whilst saving on their household expenses and secondly, to sell bread to other community members and earn additional income. If this model works for the Hlakaniphani Women’s Group then it will be rolled out to the other partners in the Food Justice Collective.
This initiative has provided excitement and people who have been trained believe that they have learned and acquired new skills. Providing cheaper and healthier bread will connect them more with their community. They see baking bread and selling to local schools as a further means to increasing their household income. Most of the groups are currently engaged in vegetable gardens and art and craft projects.
Hlakaniphani will share their experience and learning’s with other groups within the Food Justice Collective and more groups will be trained in bread baking. Most importantly the groups will learn from one another and continue with the journey of defining their own food systems.

Hlakaniphani Womens Group pizza baking
Hlakaniphani Womens Group

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