Young People in dialogue on teen-age pregnancies

Young People in dialogue on teen-age pregnancies

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On the 26 of July 2015 the Source of Hope Youth Foundation conducted a youth dialogue in Eastwood, Pietermaritzburg, to discuss the social factors influencing the increase of teenage pregnancy in their community. According to the Eastwood clinic 146 teenage pregnancies were recorded in the communities of Eastwood and Themba-Elihle in 2014. Participants from three schools, Sobantu High School, Copesville High and Eastwood High, participated in the dialogue.The participants painted a bleak picture of life in Eastwood and Themba-Elihle with extremely high levels of unemployment and poverty and its impact on family life as well as the struggles young people face living in these communities. Sexual activity is often a means young people use to seek affection and a sense affirmation but it also has the risk of pregnancy. The dialogue surfaced three areas that need to be addressed: safe spaces should be created where young people can give expression to their dignity as persons and allowed to dream of a better future for themselves; a concerted campaign that focus on sexuality and which would also include sexual health and contraception; the socio-economic context of unemployment and poverty has to be minimised and eradicated because it forms the social context that drives teen-age pregnancy.

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