PACSA Photograph Exhibition ‘People Live Here’ to launch in Germany

PACSA Photograph Exhibition ‘People Live Here’ to launch in Germany

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PACSA Photograph Exhibition People Live Here to launch in Germany

The PACSA photograph exhibition, ‘People Live Here’, which formed part of the 2014 PACSA Film and Arts Festival, will be launched in Frankfurt, on Friday, 17 July 2015, under the title, ‘So leben wir – Alltag in KwaZulu-Natal’. After this launch the exhibition will travel to various venues throughout Germany. The exhibition, compiled by the well-known photographer Cedric Nunn, contains 31 photographs which explores life in South Africa, twenty-years after the momentous events of 1994 that led to the election of Nelson Mandela as president and the formation of a democratic South Africa. The German exhibition was made possible through the supported of Bread for the World, a PACSA donor partner, and KASA, a solidarity partner.Twenty-years on and the dominant narrative about life in South Africa is one of socio-economic inequality, poverty, corruption and violence, as we recently saw in the horrific xenophobic violence. However, there are other narratives too, narratives of human agency which is the reality of ordinary people who claim the space to be, to organise and to act for a life of dignity for themselves and others.   It is this narrative which this exhibition celebrates. Where people imagine new forms of solidarity; reclaim their power to shape their destiny at a local level; claim their right as agents to transform their lives for the better; who through small actions create a crack in the walls of inequality, poverty and violence and who claim and assert their humanity, in relation to other human beings. In celebrating the human spirit to rise above that which oppresses, in this instance poverty and inequality, this exhibition tells the human story.   We hope that this exhibition would ignite in the viewer a sense of compassion, empathy and support for the social justice struggle, which still continues even though apartheid has fallen, to make dignity, compassion, hope and humanity the dominant South African narrative.   See the exhibition on the PACSA website at See the exhibition Programme here

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