Stress and Trauma Network members qualify as Councillors and facilitators

Stress and Trauma Network members qualify as Councillors and facilitators

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Eight members of the Stress and Trauma Network, one of PACSA’s community partner groups, have graduated as qualified stress and trauma facilitators and counselors; this is after receiving certificates in crisis and support and also an advance certificate in trauma counseling, through the University of Pretoria. The graduation ceremony took place in Pretoria on the 15th of May 2015. Through individual commitment and mutual support, members of the network have worked tirelessly to attain the qualifications, this included attending intensive lecture sessions, writing assignments and doing the course practical’s in order for them to qualify.

The Stress and Trauma Network’s work was initiated through PACSA’s support, where individuals who were survivors of various types of trauma needed to set up a support group to deal with their stress. The group then progressed to write up a book called “Trees along the Riverside”, in which they had an opportunity to share their experiences, with the hope of demonstrating the journey they have traveled through stressful and traumatic life experiences.

Members who have graduated are now ready to commence working in hospitals, prisons and communities, facilitating sessions that offer group support and targeted stress and trauma counseling. The group has expressed gratitude for the support and encouragement they have received from PACSA to enable them to be able to tell a story that takes them to being more than survivors, but also practitioners who will offer their experience and skills to society.

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