PACSA and Siyabonga Helping Hand collaboration

PACSA and Siyabonga Helping Hand collaboration

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PACSA and Siyabonga Helping Hand collaboration

‘Siyabonga Helping Hand’ (SHH) is a local NGO which has been working in the Edendale Valley since 2007 to support children, most of whom have lost one or both parents to AIDS, through education and care. Over the past few months PACSA collaborated with Siyabonga Helping Hand to provide training for staff in facilitation skills and to assist them to facilitate a process of communicating their new organisational strategy to their constituency.

PACSA’s role was to facilitate a staff conversation on the best way to communicate the new strategy and then assist the staff to design such a process which they will lead. The staff conversation was attended by 20 staff members, ten from the eSigodini and ten from the iMbali centres. This conversation was followed with a training session on basic facilitation skills where the 7 participants designed a dialogue process to dialogue with their constituency on their strategic shift. Working with SHH has been a rewarding experience for PACSA and has provided valuable lessons for utilising process facilitation skills in providing support to a fellow civil society organisation. To read more on Siyabonga Helping Hand go to their website at

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