PACSA hosts the launch of ‘Recovering Democracy in SA’ by Raymond Suttner

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Raymond Suttner, a veteran in the liberation struggle, launched his latest book, ‘Recovering Democracy in South Africa’, at a PACSA hosted event on the 16th April 2015. Through this book, Raymond advances the idea that South Africans must “become more actively involved in their own emancipation”. Democracy is about the ‘popular’ and more self-empowerment,” that we should expect more from our democratic system and “invest greater efforts in creative ways of building democracy and institutions that go beyond and augment what is found in the Constitution.”

Earlier that day Raymond led a conversation with PACSA staff on the notion of the indivisibility of concepts such as ‘freedom, dignity and solidarity’ in the light of the xenophobic violence we saw in KwaZulu-Natal. When viewed from this perspective then xenophobia is not only an attack on ‘foreigners’ but is an attack on our sense of freedom and dignity.

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