Communicating: A new Youth Newsletter

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The Peer educators, a project that PACSA supports, have been struggling to find a tool to share information with their teachers and school friends on their return from workshops.
They met with PACSA’s Skumbuzo Mpisane and he showed them examples of different youth letters. They liked the idea of the Newsletter.   To our surprise, they took the idea to their Life Orientation teacher, Principle and Governing Body. The concept was very well received. By doing so, their seniors were more open to the idea of them attending future workshops and they could see that something concrete was being produced from their attendance at these workshops / camps. 2 out of 10 schools are now producing their own newsletters.

The value from the production of this Newsletter is immense: It is an Initiative by the youth to communicating with other young people; the planning facilitated discussion and consensus as to the choice of the final article; communication skills were developed; media knowledge increased - taking of photos was explored and utilized; writing skills and encouraging reading amongst young people; it is a tool to recruit new peer educators as we drive towards social change in schools and communities.
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