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National Minimum Wage: a response

The statement from Deputy President Ramaphosa on the finalization of agreements on Labour Stability and a National Minimum Wage [NMW], as well as the radical economic transformation narrative put forward by President Zuma in the State of the Nation Address calls for a response.

A National Minimum Wage of R3 500 is too low and could trap millions of workers in continuing cycles of poverty

Table 1: PACSA Affordability Tables: Income and expenditure for households of various socio-economic scenarios: October 2016. See Household H for National Minimum Wage of R3 500.
Table 1
After a number of years of debating in NEDLAC whether South Africa requires a legislated national minimum wage covering all workers and if so, at what level should it be set, a panel of experts advised that the level should be set at R3500.00.

Pacsa Monthly Food Price Barometer October 2016

The PACSA food basket increased by R51.26 (2.8%) m/m from R1 860.60 in September 2016 to R1 911.86 in October 2016. Y/y the PACSA food basket increased by R273.50 (16.7%) from R1 638.36 in October 2015 to R1 911.86 in October 2016. Read the full report here

Does the outcome of the 2016 Local Government Elections indicate a major shift in South African politics?

Mervyn Abrahams PACSA Dr Lubna Nadvi Mike Pothier CPLO and Ralph Mathekga at the roundtable discussion
The recent local government elections have been described as a ‘watershed election’ as the ANC lost control of some of the key metropolitan municipalities to opposition parties and a number of coalition governments at municipal governance level. In order to explore the meaning and significance of that election for our long-term political direction, PACSA, in collaboration with the Catholic Parliamentary Liaison Office, hosted a roundtable discussion on whether the outcomes of the elections indicate a re-alignment of political forces in South Africa?

Belgian Youth visit PACSA as part of an exchange visit to South Africa

Belgian and South African youth interact during the exchange visit
On the 3rd November 2016 we hosted an exchange visit between local youth and a group of 13 Belgian youth from St Quirin in the city of Huy, Belgium. The Belgian youth are connected to Entraide et Fraternite a long standing partner of PACSA. The visit and conversation focused on sharing experiences between young people in South Africa and in Belgium.

PACSA Monthly Food Price Barometer: November 2016: 13th cheque for pensioners?

Imagine if all old-age pensioners received a 13th cheque in December? Imagine the difference it would make? Pensions are used to teach, clothe and feed kids. Pension money is being used to escape more punitive debt arrangements and secure interest-free loans in stokvels. December and January are very hard months. A 13th cheque of R1 510 could be a strategic intervention to help families start the new year in a better space by contributing to school fees, clothes, shoes, stationery and omalume whilst also enabling the securing of friendlier debt arrangements.  What do you think? If you support the idea join the campaign #13thchequeforpensioners. See full statement here.

Release of 2016 PACSA Food Price Barometer annual report

The 2016 PACSA Food Price Barometer finds that increasing food prices is deepening the affordability crisis in low-income homes. This year’s substantial food price hikes, annualised at 15%, driven by the drought, has put enormous pressure on the wage and social grant and the strategies employed by households to absorb inflation. Women have expressed that they are really struggling to put food on the table.  Read more here.