Inside Labour: For the poor, policy offers little relief

With the usual flurry of comment and analysis, another mini budget has come and gone. But for the majority of workers, whether employed or unemployed, such policy machinations are of little interest because they are too busy trying to survive in an increasingly harsh environment. Inflation for the poor – always much higher than the official cost of living index – has risen steadily and looks likely to rise still further. In the year to the end of September, for example, that staple of poor households, mealie meal, rose in price by more than 32% – a 25kg bag now costs R170.80 more than it did a year ago. According to the food monitor maintained by the Pietermaritzburg Agency for Community Social Action, five “priority foods” bought by poorer households rose in price by an average of 25% over that 12-month period.

Read the full article here published by Fin24.com on 30 October 2016