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The tariff debate - The Witness

The following article by PACSA's Julie Smith appeared in The Witness on 10 Jun 2013

I ENJOYED reading the speaker’s opinion piece on June  6, “The DA’s political posturing”. It reminded me of Joseph Jacobs’s fairy tale in which Cocky-Locky and Henny-Penny were going along and along to tell the king that the sky was falling.

Letter - Municipalities & poverty - The Witness

The following letter was published in The Witness JULIE Smith writes (The Witness, May 23) that the lower end of the population “is in big trouble”. (See original article here.)

Her solutions to the woes of Pietermaritzburg are for business not to retrench workers and employ more at higher wages, and for wealthier citizens to pay more and stop taking food off the plates of the poor.