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Launch of the book 'Trees along the Riverside'

40 people joined the Stress and Trauma Facilitators on Sunday, 8 December 2013, at the launch of their book, Trees along the Riverside. 

This book is a culmination of a three journey in which 14 people went through a process of sharing, reflecting, crying, laughing and writing very personal stories buried deep in their memory. Through this book these 14 people share their stories with others as an example that it is possible to move from being a victim to a survivor to a wounded healer through talking with others and supporting each other. The launch was an intimate event with the contributors, their families and friends and a joyful celebration of their courage, power and ownership of their history, now in print, no matter how painful.

If you would like to download the book in PDF format, click here

(Please note that the PDF download exists without the book's cover)

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