2013 PACSA Film & Arts Festival

PACSA Film & Arts Festival

2013 PACSA Film & Arts Festival

More than 600 people participated in the various events of the Film and Art Festival on the theme, reclaiming power . . . imagining possibilities. The Festival was opened by Richard Pithouse from Grahamstown University.

For people to claim their agency and power we need spaces such as the festival where people can think and converse together on those aspects of their lives where power have been taken away from them. The arts are a medium through which we dream and imagine and the festival is therefore a profound political act. The festival included films, an art project in which young people painted their dream for S.A, a film making workshop, poetry reading and a jazz festival. The 2013 Film and Arts Festival was the biggest that PACSA has had till thus far and we hope it will grow in future.

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