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  • Grassroots organisations act in their own names and are accompanied in their own advocacy and development.
  • The work of livelihoods groups has improved food security as a result of their food production and micro enterprises.
  • Our work and our practice seek to enhance human dignity.

Young people exploring alternatives in the world of work

Source of hope workshop
35 young people from the Eastwood suburb in Pietermaritzburg were hosted by Source of Hope Youth Foundation, a PACSA community partner, at a workshop which focussed on youth employability, entrepreneurship and alternatives in the world of work. The objective of the workshop was get a conversation going amongst young people in the Eastwood community on the reality of youth unemployment which stands at over 65% of young people of working age and how young people can assist each other to create their own livelihood and work.

Bidding farewell to Almut and Bernd Schulteiss

Almut and Bernd Schulteiss bid farewell after 8 years working in PACSA. They were seconded by AGEH-Germany and Misereor and were housed in PACSA. Almut focussed on managing diversity and multicultural education youth events at a national level and supported the emergence of an informal network of Youth Organisations in South Africa from 2011 onwards. This network has since been registered as and NPO under the name of the South African Youth Leaders Network (http://www.sayln.org.za)

PACSA facilitates a conversation by Health Care Monitors

 In conversation
On the 19th February 2016 PACSA, supported by Oxfam Australia, facilitated a monitoring exchange conversation between four different organisations actively involved in monitoring public health clinics. The organisations included: The AIDS Legal Network (Cape Town), Project Empower (Durban), The National Health Insurance Research Team (Pietermaritzburg), and Hilton Valley Health and Development Organisation (Howick).

Budget 2016: A strong society and economy is built on its people: social grant allocations inadequate.

Minister Gordhan budget seeks to build stronger foundations for our future society and economy. Human capital is core to building a stronger foundation. At the most basic level, greater public investment is needed so that households can access sufficient and nutritious food. The increase of R90 on an old-age pension and R20 on a child support grant will not allow that. The implications of not ensuring the core foundational aspect of society is met by ensuring the household base is strong and able to absorb increasingly unpredictable and massive price fluctuations undermines our social and economic outcomes.

Picketing: Action demanding political accountability

Picket Joan
PACSA staff and members joined a group of concerned citizens who picketted on one of Pietermaritzburg’s main streets calling for greater political accountability on the part of President Zuma and the ANC in the light of the Constitutional Court ruling that the president and parliament had violated the constitution in the Nkandla saga.

Fortress Europe: In Conversation with Dutch activists on the current Migrant influx into Europe

Barbara Berger from Mense met een missie introduce the conversation
Seven Dutch activists, connected to the Hague-based foundation “Mensen Met Een Missie”, visited us at PACSA earlier this year. As part of their visit we hosted a conversation, attended by 28 people, on the ‘European refugee crisis.’  Professor Georg Frerks, professor of Conflict Studies at Utrecht University, who gave the introductory remarks, noted that the hundreds of thousands of refugees entering Europe are only a fraction of the number of people displaced by war and conflict in the world. After the Second World War, Europe had to deal with much larger numbers of displaced people and it is in fact possible to provide refuge to all those seeking it in Europe.

Job Advert: Process Facilitators (2 Posts)

The Pietermaritzburg Agency for Community Social Action (PACSA) seeks to employ 2 (two) Process Facilitators on a contract basis. Their tasks will primarily be to establish connections with and support self-organised community organisations, groups and networks, working on issues of socio-economic struggles and social justice. These issues include livelihoods creation and agriculture, gender and HIV, youth unemployment and socio-economic justice, amongst others. See attached job advertisement


PACSA is an independent, faith-based, non-governmental organisation that has worked to achieve social and economic justice for over 30 years. PACSA works for improved social cohesion as inequality and poverty is reduced in communities in the uMgungundlovu District in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa.

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